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Home Staging is one of the hottest trends in selling a home in today’s real estate market! It is the process of re-designing, de-cluttering and depersonalizing a home. When there are so many properties on the market it is imperative that a home leaves a lasting first impression and shows better than the one down the street. Home staging utilizes an interior design merchandising technique for making the most of the homes attributes and ensures a lasting memory for potential buyers. Let your house be the one they cannot forget!

Home Staging creates street or curb appeal and an interior atmosphere that is warm and inviting making a potential buyer “feel at home” and wanting to move right in. Staging a home creates inviting space with a broad appeal to a wide range of buyers by combining interior merchandising with an understanding of both current design trends, Feng Shui principles and the psychology of the home purchasing process.

Although it is a relatively new marketing technique, most real estate professionals agree that Home Staging has a very strong impact on the sale process, increasing both the property’s sale price and market demand.

Anyone can clean and de-clutter a house before sale. However, making a home appeal to the broadest possible market and creating the maximum appeal, is the job of a professional Home Stager. That’s where There’s No Place Like Home Staging can help. Our services will create an inviting showcase that outshines the competition. We will assist you in transforming your living space into a fabulous showcase. The property will show better, sell faster and bring a premium sales price. There’s No Place Like Home Staging can offer a look that sells!

  "Effective staging will elevate your home above all others, creating a stand-out look and feel that truly differentiates your property from the competition"

Doug Wilson, Designer - TLC Trading Spaces

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